{Best 2023} Romantic Sorry Messages & Quotes For Girlfriend

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Sorry Message and Quotes For Girlfriend

I know that I was very stupid. Give me a 2nd chance and I promise I will never be fooled again. I’m sorry please forgive me.


I’m So Careless I Hurt You So Much SORRY


I just want to tell you a heartfelt sorry for hurting you, I am deeply saddened and I have no words to say. I hope you forgive, I am sorry for everything.


Please forgive me for my mistake, Don’t worry, Take your time. I’ll wait, I love you very much. Please !

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I want you to know that I am sorry. I love you and I will be true to you forever. Please forgive me Baby.


Apologize for everything I have done. I cannot be very good, yet I will try my best to give you my true love.


I can’t see this painful look on your face. I’m really sorry. Forgive me one last time.


Forgive me for being insensitive in front of your friends. I was not aware that I would hurt your feelings. Please forgive me and I promise you that I will never make such a mistake again in the future.

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I wish you were here and could see my tears, I am very sorry for the pain I have given you today.


Words cannot describe how sad I am right now, knowing that you are angry with me. I’m Sorry Baby, Please Forgive Me.


Without you my life means nothing, without you I cannot even imagine my life, please forgive me for the last time.


I Don’t Feel Good Without You, I Feel So Sad, Please Sorry and Please Come Back

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Because of my mistake, since you left me, my days are long, my nights have become endless and my dreams are suffering. Please forgive me, I will fix everything. Hope things go back to the way they used to be.


When I calmed down after our fight, I realized how much you really mean to me. I apologize for this mistake, please forgive me


Sorry I Quarreled With You, But Now I have Realized. I Apologize To You. I Am Sorry Baby !

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You are the one person who deserves all the best in the world, and the one person I hurt the most! I am so sorry for not understanding your worth, please forgive me so that I can once again try to be your best lover!