{Best 2023} Romantic Sorry Messages & Quotes For Girlfriend

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Heart Toughing Sorry Messages For Her

Please Forgive Me Baby, I Promise I Never do this Again. I AM SORRY.


I am not saying sorry just because I know that i was wrong. I am saying sorry also because our relationship is more important to me than my ego. I love you so much. I hope you understand me and forgive me.


I know i hurt you so much, I am so sorry. I was wrong, Please forgive me.

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I wish I could go back in time and fix whatever happened. But i can’t do it so i can only say sorry.


If you do not forgive me now, I will wait for your forgiveness til death.


I Never Want to Hurt You, Its My Mistake, Please Give Me A Little Sorry. Please…

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I can not move on without you. I am very sorry for everything I have done. Please forgive me.


I know I am not perfect, but I will always love you and hold your hand throughout my life.


I Love U So Much My Babu, I miss you So Please Forgive Me.

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I am sorry, I love you. Please forgive me I will be true to you forever.


I do not want to forgive myself but I definitely want you to forgive me.


I Can’t See You Sad, Please Sorry Baby, Please Smile.

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Sorry Message For Girlfriend After Fight

Sometimes we say such things which have no meaning and then we feel sorry after saying this, I am feeling the same regret today.


Are You Angry With Me, OK ! I Apologize to You, I’m Sorry, Please Please Forgive Me.


It doesn’t matter if someone else annoys me, but if you get angry with me then I feel very bad.

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I want nothing more than to see you happy again. I’m sorry, do you forgive me?


Please accept my apology, I know my mistake is not worth forgiving but I Hope..You Forgive Me.


I’ll always keep my mouth shut. I’m sorry Baby please forgive me once.

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I have hurt your feelings lot, I don’t want it to happen again.I am sorry.


I Can’t See Sadness on Your Face, I Am So Sorry, Please Smile and Call Me.

Please forgive me this time, I will not make such a mistake next time.

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You are my life and if you get angry with me, I do not like it at all, please forgive me.

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When i see you i think we should be together but i feel so sad when we fight.


Please believe me, I did not want to hurt you at all. I AM SORRY !


The most complicated situation for me is regret, I’m sorry I hurt you.


I will hate myself till you forgive me.

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