{Best 250+} Funny Thank You For Birthday Wishes

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Here are Best Funny Thank You For Birthday Wishes Or Funny Thank You Message For Friends. Say Thanks to Everyone For Your Birthday Wishes in Funny Way on Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp.

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Funny Thank You For Birthday Wishes

Thanks for the birthday my friend. But there were grammatical mistakes in it, even pre-school students have better grammar understanding than you.


Thank you for reminding you of my birthday. Otherwise I do not spare you.


I enjoyed your Gift more than you on my birthday party. Keep sending these type of beautiful gifts.


Your birthday wishes were really adorable to read. But still i am not happy Because you forgot to send my birthday Gift.


Thank you for wishing me. How would the earth twirl if you didn’t wish me my birthday?


I did not know that there are some people who see it funny when you are growing old. I did not want to get old, in fact when I celebrate birthday I feel pain.


Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday. I knew you would be happy to see me grow old first.


Your birthday greetings and wishes have made me realize that you have actually improved your writing skills.


I knew that you are the one who could not miss the chance to get something for free. But Thank you for the warm birthday wishes.


A great treat for a birthday wish? Come with the birthday present only then you will be allowed to enter the birthday hall.


Thank you for reminding me that I am growing up a year! Maybe if you have forgotten then I will have an excuse to live another year for another age.


I have never been so happy in my life. I received over 1000 notifications on my facebook today. Thank you for your birthday messages. I’m closing my account now and will reopen until next year.


I think you should wish me happy birthday face to face only. Do not send these birthday wishes quotes. It is full of grammar mistakes.


Today, your presence did not fascinate me at all but your gift. Thank you for this beautiful present and for making my birthday special.


I know that you already have a plan behind sending birthday wishes. Are you eagerly waiting for a birthday party?


Thanks for the Birthday wishes. I’ll try to remember you when I throw my birthday party.


I must say that you are so hardworking.I cannot even believe that you have traveled abroad to get some drinks for free.


Thanks, it’s all for your boring birthday wishes. I just gave you icy cold water because you came without a gift. How can you do this?


I think you should attend English writing classes. Thank you for your bad english wishes on my birthday.


Thanks is enough for such a boring birthday wishes. Don’t expect grand celebration or party in return of this birthday wishes comprised of 1-2 lines


To all who want to impress me on my birthday, the standards were raised a bit this year. No more wishes without gifts! Thank you all.


Where did you learn to buy the best gift? Do you have talent? I wish there was someone to reward such talents. Thank You Bro.


It is a special day for me when I accept donations as well. Thanks for your best wishes, But where is my gift ?


Sometimes I look at you and think about you. You remember every detail of all friend’s birthday parties. But the exam dates are not remembered.


Thank you for your greetings. Did you copy and paste it from last year’s facebook wall?

Isn’t your wish a copied one? Did you copy it from your last year’s collection? Thanks Dear.


Now I don’t know who is brilliant between me and you. Is it you who is brilliant or is it me that is brilliant because I know you. Thank you for your wonderful wishes.


Thanks for reminding me that I am another year old. Because of that, the drinks are on me tonight. Cheers Buddy!


First of all, I would like to thank Facebook for reminding everyone that today is my birthday. Then you!


Thanks for the best birthday wishes. But I am not so happy with them. Have you forgotten my gift? I am waiting to receive it by tomorrow.


I think God had made a good plan when they sent you to me. He wanted me to learn the skill of giving you some gifts. You are perfect in them. Thanks a lot.


Funny Thank You Message For Birthday

This is not the first time I have seen you serious on my birthday, sometimes you get serious when you sneezing.


I have thanked you a thousand times and I do not think I should continue it or leave it.


You never do anything for free, but today you proved me wrong. Thank you for wishing me a wonderful birthday and making my day completely enjoyable.


Thanks to the virtual gifts on Facebook, you made my wall like a Christmas tree. I would be happy with real gifts.


Do you know, your present has got me checked my bank balance? Lol, thank you for wishing me a my birthday.


Just copied birthday messages do not guarantee the party. But birthday gifts can do some magic, Yes ! only then you can get a birthday party.


Thanks for your well wishes on my birthday. But apparently it took me about an hour to read my 5 lines of birthday. Imagine with yourself how great you are with your English.


Some people are plain old friends who have no strict connection to life. He is us but now as we are getting old, we should go to clubs. Thank you for your wishes.


Thank you for traveling 5 kilometers for free cakes, drinks and food!


I want to say thanks for the 11 km trip to always have free drinks with the most delicious cakes. And thanks for enjoying the party with me.


So, should I thank You or Facebook Birthday Reminder for remembering today is my birthday ?


Thanks for making me poor with a few bucks. I am going to get my revenge soon on your birthday.


My birthday lasted for just one day, but all those wishes that you send me was most memorable moments of my life. So keep sending me love forever with some beautiful gifts.


You gave me a lot of birthday wishes on the Facebook wall and thank you for showing me love and sweetness as well! Please show more sweetness and interest in me for all the year and not only today!


Thank you for forcing me to write a thank you message. How else can I know if my writing skills are good or not?


Well, I must admit that I want to say thanks to all those who have given me lots of happy birthday wishes. I just couldn’t resist, but gave you cold stars just because of the fact that you came completely without a gift! How can you forget about the gift.


Thanks for your compelling presence. It made me check my bank balance.


It is easy for you to copy and send me such a long birthday greetings. And plans to have a grand birthday treat to make me a beggar.


Thank you for the long messages and happy birthday you sent me on my birthday. Now, I need to go back and read them all.


Thank you very much for putting your time and efforts to fill up my Facebook Wall. Now all the virtual stalkers in my profile will definitely have a tough time in searching for updates and status among all those wishes.


Thank you for congratulating me the day before my birthday. It shows your eagerness for the treat.


Love can be carried all the year around just with the special feelings. But this is always the day in my life when I can only accept gifts and cash! Please note this! Thank you!


I must thank Facebook for reminding you of my birthday.

Thank you for wishing me. But only that is not a guarantee of any party. A gift, however, may do the trick.


Dear friend! Even a pre-school child has better writing skills than you. But still thank you for congratulating me on my birthday, these really mean a lot to me.


Thank you very much for congratulating me throughout the day. This is probably one of the best days in the year when I can also accept donations. If you want to wish me the rest of the day, please donate me some gifts or cash!


Thank you for your cool wishes. They were the reason I gave you icy cold stares. Where is my gift


I just want to thank you for those seven km journey for free drinks, yummy cakes and delicious food. Hats off to your great efforts buddy!


Thanks Dear for making me a little poorer this year. Now don’t expect me to spare you on your birthday now.


I would have thanked you from the bottom of my heart if I had a heart.


Best Funniest Thank You Message For Birthday

You guys made me poor this year. No problem your birthday is coming too, Gonna take revenge soon. Thank you for those lovely birthday wishes.


Can someone call me the ambulance? I am suffering from an overdose of wishes. Thank you all.


Thank you for wishing me. I give you an advice. Never send such meaningless birthday message to someone else on this birthday and start English classes immediately. Laugh out loud !!


So you guys are ready to check my account balance for birthday treat. Sorry, but I have no money for treat.


Your warm wishes made my day yesterday. Thank you very much. And on a serious note, I believe some of you can make a brilliant career as a politician, seeing how beautiful and sweet your lies were.


Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule and wishing me the best. Now you can go back to snoozing.


I am not going to be satisfied with these wishes. It is not only my birthday but also a day when I also accept donations. So get ready.


Thank you for making my Big Day one heck of a joyous occasion. Your presence at the birthday party left me with two things: our wonderful memories and my empty bank account. However it is all good because everyone will have their turn.


Thank you for wishing me on my birthday. I always thought you would be a good politician. You lie so sweet.


Thank you for your warm wishes. I have baked my birthday cake on them.


Just a birthday wish? I don’t guarantee a party now. But yeah, a gift might do the trick.


I feel myself lucky to have friends like you with me. Lets party hard and yes, be ready with gifts. After all my birthday comes once in a year.


Thank you for the wishes. Even pre-schoolers have a better understanding of grammar than you.


I should say thank you for making me realize that how good I am with my writing skills while writing this thank you message.


Thank you for wishing me. Is the nightmare over or am I still sleeping on my birthday?


You must have told me to write a birthday wish for someone so that you can post the same on my birthday. You shared copied text on my Facebook wall.


Thank you for your advance birthday wishes. It shows your eagerness for the treat.


Thank you, guys, for those sweet messages. And to all those who didn’t proofread their birthday wishes before sending them in, your marks will be sent to you very soon. One year older, not at all more tolerant, I’m afraid…


Your hypnotic presence on my birthday forced me to check my account balance this time.


Thank you for wishing me. Please join English-writing classes.


Friends, I am 24 years old and and in my legal age. Remember that this year many more additional items will be added. Laugh out loud and come with a gift and enjoy those items. ‘


Well, if you are one of those who finds it difficult to express themselves in words then the help is underway.


Thank you for your sweet wishes. I knew you would never miss a chance to get something free.


Thank you. What else can I say for your boring birthday wishes?


Thank you so much for your wishes. I am going back to my reading now.


It was so easy for you to announce to the whole world that its my best friend’s birthday. Now the whole world is asking for party. Damm! So i have given them your address. So be prepared to handle them..


Every year you send the same birthday wishes. Don’t you think you should send a new one!


Thank you for wishing me. I know that you guys will not let me waste my money in this birthday party, so thank you all.


My birthday was a headache and your well wishes were the pill I just needed. Thank you Bro.


Thanking you for those lovely birthday wishes you sent me, I think it is only fair that I also use this opportunity to express my gratitude for Facebook, But some of which are my birthday Forgot the opportunity to remember.

Yes, I knew you wanted a chance to party for free, but you would never get that.


Thank you for wishing me on my birthday. But don’t expect a birthday party at all.


I know that a great effort is needed to copy and paste birthday wishes from last year’s Facebook Wall.


Age is not just a number; it is also a reminder of how close you are to the inevitable. Thank you for joining me to celebrate my drawing closer to death.


Finally I got time to thank everyone for your boring birthday wishes.


Your well wishes and notes on my birthday went a long way in making my day. Thank you so much And by the way, all copied wishes were detected just so you know.


Do not show your love and interest in me only on my birthday. There are 364 more days, My Friend!


This is a day when I also accept money and gifts. Please take note of it!


Does anyone have more gifts than wishes on their birthday? Answer is not a big one. I knew that I would not be the first to achieve this. Thank you for your best wishes.


Should I be thankful to you guys for spreading the news of my birthday like a virus on Facebook?


It was my birthday when I realized that some people were still alive. Thanks for sending in those beautiful wishes though.


Thank you all for wishing me a happy birthday with your presence and amazing wishes. And for those who sent me copied birthday wishes, I send you a copy of last year’s thank you message.


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